Saturday, 22 March 2014

Starting Cantaloupe seeds indoors

Welcome to my winter garden lol..I wanted to see some "green" growing so I decided to do a little experimenting with seeds I saved from a grocery store cantaloupe.(Please read my two previous post on seed saving and germinating of the seeds) I'm quite pleased with how my plants are growing without using any fertilizer  and very poor quality soil...You'll notice I'm always using yogurt tubs and egg cartons...I don't have to but I love to recycle and reuse stuff..The photo directly below is my initial planting of the germinated seeds.The other photos were taken a couple days ago..they're growing like


  1. Looking good so far, Bayman! Looking forward to seeing what becomes of them. 😊

  2. Thanks for the kind comment-I've become a victim of my own success I'm afraid,the plants are growing vigorously and we are still having winter storms-spring just around the corner?