Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Planted some potatoes today. I should have put them in sooner but I was busy at other things.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Planting Rutabaga

 I'm finally planting my Rutabaga plants I started from seed.





Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mini Greenhouse From Plastic Fish Box

I had plants to harden off so I kind of threw this together real quick.Here I used a plastic fish box,any type of box,rectangular or square could be used.To build it - put together 2 frames,stagger the joints  on top and bottom frames.Attach hinges to the frames and paint, you'll need a trim strip to nail on top of  the plastic, paint that too.Use a better colour scheme than  I did.Anyway to finish,apply the plastic with staples first, pulling it tight for good appearance, than nail on your trim pieces and  attach the unit to the box of choice,your done.

Old Wood

Rhubarb Patch

My rhubarb is ready to cut. My wife will be able to make lots of jam. 

Homemade Garden Hoe

I made this to meet my own needs for  a smaller hoe to do work in my vegetable garden.As my growing area is not  that big   I tend  to plant closer together than directed on the seed pack.This hoe was made to weed and cultivate around close quarters.All thats needed  to make this hoe is a short length of round stock,a piece of flat metal and a stout pole for the handle.It was a good diy project and a very useful  garden tool.

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