Sunday, 28 October 2012

"The Pot Is On'"

"Put the pot on" or" the pot is on"is kind of an old fashion saying, meaning to put the cooking pot on to prepare our traditional Newfoundland cooked dinner.It's like saying "put the kettle on".Some people call it jiggs dinner,or a scoff, it depends where you come from.This is my favorite meal and the reason I grow vegetables.

Fall Colors

Friday, 26 October 2012

This is why we grow.

I cut my second last cabbage yesterday.Nothing beats the taste of home grown vegetables.


"The Trees" by Rush

                                                      "The Trees"

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas

The trouble with the maples
(And they're quite convinced they're right)
They say the oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the oaks can't help their feelings
If they like the way they're made
And they wonder why the maples
Can't be happy in their shade

There is trouble in the forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the maples scream 'Oppression!'
And the oaks just shake their heads

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights
'The oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light'
Now there's no more oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe and saw

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Mountain Ash

The Mountain Ash 

The mountain ash is red today
against the fir green hill
The berries on the naked bough
are hanging low and still

The sparrows have all gone away
and alder leaves are down
The brooks run dark and lonely now
and brackens withered brown

Come climb the hill this autumn day
to search for tarnished gold
That will reflect in memory 
when you and I are old

Life never gives us long enough
to do the things we love
So let us gently thread the path
with mountain ash above

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Diy chopping and cutting tools.

Here's two more garden tools I made last spring.The first is a knife used to chop material to compost,kelp etc. It's made from a lawn mower blade and fitted with a oak handle.Here I'm chopping some kelp/seaweed to add to my small seed beds.The combination of a long blade and good weight makes it a excellent tool for this job.  
The second tool is set of loppers,these are made out of a couple steel plates and two pieces of galvanize pipe.I've used them all summer at various jobs around the garden and my rustic furniture projects.Both are very useful tools.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Food for the soil

Fall is a busy time in the nl kitchen garden,one job is gathering kelp/seaweed to add to the soil for next year.After a couple of windy days this kelp was torn from the bottom and washed up on the beach.When I see this happen I'm always reminded of a few lines I read in the book Moonfleet years ago.."blow wind.. rise storm..ship ashore before morn".

Monday, 15 October 2012

Onions and Potatos

Being a kitchen garden we harvest our vegetables when they are needed,we grew plenty of onions and potatos  and got loads of green onions(onion tops).

Sunday, 14 October 2012

First Snow

We got our first snow last night..where did the summer go?Seems wasn't that long ago I was posting about ice in the harbor in may.Although this snow won't last long, I'll soon have get the rest of my veggis out of the ground.Btw one of these cabbages is cooking in the pot as I write.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mystery Plants

I discovered these" plants"growing in a part of my lawn that I didn't keep mowed low.It's the first time  I've seen anything like it.If you can identify them, please do.