Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Traditional Newfoundland food pictures.

Moose meat pan fried with onions and salt and pepper.

moose meat and vegetables
 Fried a little on the dry side.
Sauteed onions. 
 Vegetables we grow in the kitchen garden,parsnips,turnip, potatoes and carrots.
 Jiggs dinner

Chicken soup,this is a lighter recipe and should not be confused with nans 'rice' soup.
chicken soup in bowl
bottled soup
Pork roast

pork roast in bowl
Vegetable salad, mustard.

Cottage pudding
 Cottage pudding with ice cream topping.
Cinnamon rolls

home baked pie crust

lemon meringue pie

sliced lemon meringue pie

Cocoa cake

sliced Cocoa cake
canned ham on plate sliced
vegetable salad white
boiled fruit cake
fruit cake resting
sliced fruit cake
coconut covered snowballs
toast with cheese whiz
toast with jam
Moose Joose blueberry partridgeberry wine
rose' table wine
Baby Duck sparkling wine
grape juice beverage
Flavoured Fruit Wine
steak rare
salmon pieces
salmon close up
fried salmon
roasted capelin 
canned ham
homemade partridgeberry  jam

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