Monday, 24 September 2012

Old Wooden Barrel Update

I found this old barrel down by the beach ,in many pieces, in a pile of rubble..I'm thinking the barrel is over 50 yrs may have been on the beach for 20 was in rough shape when I got it..some of the stades were broken ..some were warped.. it was even shot at with a shotgun.Because it was an old antique and very hard to come by I decided to repair it and display it in my vegetable garden.

In the first post I put the barrel together and discovered I had a narrow stade left out ..which meant I had to make new heads or resize the old one.. neither of which I wanted to do I took the barrel apart repaired the stade and heads and put the barrel together again as pictured below. In my next post I'll make the steel hoops and finish the barrel.Thanks for viewing....

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